Hi, Throners!

We got some pretty amazing synopses from HBO today for episodes 6 and 7. Twitter had a field day with them, but I’m not posting anything on them because I’m pissy about having submitted a slideshow to FanSided in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and no one’s even begun editing it yet. I was given a deadline of noon on TUESDAY. I stayed up late on Monday night to finish it on time. It’s still pending. 

Yeah, and somehow my asshole jerkbrain has decided I won’t do a blog post over here because my editors over there don’t have their shit together.

Well, there’s that, and I had an especially persistent run of annoying, pointless shit at work today. So my head may be a little scrambled.

Lemme do a little pattern-analyzing and see if I don’t feel better.

#858: “My long distance bf just completely disappeared, please help!”

You may think you want to know the reason why someone just broke up with you.
Truth is: you don’t want to know. Hearing their reasons may end up making you more angry than hearing nothing at all.

Captain Awkward

O Captain, my Captain.

I am sort of shocked at what I am writing you, as I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. I have a 34-year-old woman, and was in a long-distance relationship with a 37-year-old man until a few weeks ago. Then? After our first fight (over the phone), which I thought was fairly minor really, he disappeared. No calls, no texts, email, Facebook, smoke signals. I contacted his best friend to make sure he is still ALIVE – he is – he has just stopped communicating with me altogether. Has he broken up with me? Does he actually plan on resurfacing? I don’t know. But what I think you should know is that we have known each other for 20 years, making this behavior even more cruel.

Here’s how it started: we met in high school. I was basically in puppy love with him until…

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How long has it been?

I used to write about other stuff here. I used to write about social justice issues, online dating, and general stuff that burned my nerves as I went about my day in the real world. What percentage of my blogging has been entirely about Game of Thrones in the past 6 months?

So, I feel like I should write about something that has nothing to do with GoT.

On the other hand, I just finished a big piece for FanSided that took days of work and I’m sort of worried my editor will come back and ask me to make changes. I’d like to do some laundry and work on my novel when I go home tonight, but that won’t happen if I still have to work on that piece I just submitted.


Authors Show Creativity by Quoting Other Authors


One of my peeps on Facebook gave me a quote from a now-deceased science fiction author you’ve probably heard of once or twice. It’s already a pretty obviously self-effacing bon mot, but I’ve decided to deconstruct it even more:


“Now I will tell you it’s dirty and disgusting to write. In five minutes I will expect you to act as though you refuse to believe it.” –Mr. Important Author 

Kill your heroes, folks.


I Got Nothing, Y’all


No Charges for Cleveland Police Officers in Shooting Death of 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice.

I got nothing but tears and rage right now.  This boy was executed and lied about.  His murders not only walk free, but with badges and jobs intact. Tamir’s mother and sister will have that wound, that loss, for the rest of their lives.

All because our children, our black children, are never treated like children.  A 12-year-old with a toy gun becomes a dangerous armed suspect in the eyes of our racist police system.  And that system becomes judge, jury and executioner in a matter of seconds.  SECONDS.

Look at this child.  LOOK AT HIM.

Tamir Rice

I don’t care if he was tall, I don’t care if the gun didn’t have some sort of “I’m not real” indicator.  I don’t care.  THIS IS A CHILD. And now he is dead, and will have no real justice for…

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*looks at WordPress stats*

*waves to Danish readers* How do you say “happy Christmas”? I can’t tell whether to translate that or “merry Christmas”. What is the greeting in Denmark at this time of year? And I hope my Game of Thrones posts have kept you entertained. 

Game of Speculation: Passing the Bechdel Test

A thought just occurred to me, regarding Margaery Tyrell’s new scene partner in S6. (Really, I was just upstairs, getting ready for bed, and this thought came up.)

Basically everyone’s assuming a male character to interact with Margaery. Why are we assuming that? Natalie Dormer didn’t make any reference to gender. It could just as easily be a woman.

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Game of Speculation: How have I embarrassed myself?

Okay, so, I’m happy that we’re still getting speculation fodder for GoT S6, but I’m not amused when someone dangles a shiny thing in front of my face and then pulls it away when I come closer. To wit: this piece at Winter starts with a headline of “Last Season’s Rape Scene Will Have Repercussions.” I want to know more about that! Ani Bundel covers a talk by director Jeremy Podeswa which includes some info on filming Game of Thrones.

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