Freeing Tyrion was not Jaime’s idea

PoorQuentyn fielded this question on his blog a couple days ago:

Do you think Varys set up Tyrion to kill his father? If so was Varys planning on releasing Tyrion on his own even if Jaime hadn’t made him do it?

To which PQ answers:

Yes and yes.

I was unfamiliar with the idea of Varys having set Tyrion up to kill Tywin, but a little Google search reveals there’s plenty of support for it.

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It can always get worse

Well, everyone, my depression has finally reached that “there’s no way I can just brain-hack my way out of this” stage, and I am seriously doing the cost-benefit analysis of finding a new doctor to do something about my poor fucked-up brain. Like, is it worth the stress to take time off work to see a medical professional who may or may not have the answers, or should I try some crunchy OTC shit and see if that helps first? And why is my HR manager never available? I need to talk with someone who acts like they care about me.

The work day was…bad, but I somehow managed to conduct myself better than my workplace deserves. I’m feeling a little better since I was able to end the workday and check Twitter on the way home. I have a partly-empty bottle of cheap-ass Argentinian Malbec, and I’m still doing my first re-watch of GoT Season 6, and tonight just happens to be the night for Episode 8. Which is fabulous timing, because NCW has a birthday today, and Gwen rose to the occasion. This is the sort of thing that lifts my mood:

I totally see you telling them to have babies, weirdo. Nik already has two kids. With his WIFE. Have some respect for the family he has.

In related news, we have a fan report of Gwen having recently flown to Belfast, along with Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont, silly) several weeks ahead of the expected start of filming. We’re fairly sure she and Iain don’t have any scenes together, but the point is Gwen is in Belfast already at the same time as another GoT actor and while it could be coincidence, they’re probably there because HBO summoned them for some GoT-related business. For Iain Glen, it’s probably a prosthetics fitting; Jorah’s greyscale is getting worse and Iain needs to have the right sort of crap fitted to his arm. For Gwen, I’d like to think she’s getting a new costume, but realistically? She’s probably not getting a new costume. The most likely thing is rehearsing for a fight scene or two. 

Last year, Gwen mentioned having spent 3 days shooting a scene of “vicious, up-close, thuggish fighting,” and I guessed two scenarios: Early season against Boltons to rescue Sansa and Theon, or mid-season against BWB in Riverlands. The first guess turned out to be correct. Now there’s still the BWB in the Riverlands. We don’t know for sure that Brienne will have a fight scene, and we don’t know for sure that the BWB will be antagonistic to her, but we do know that Brienne has had at least one fight scene in every season since she appeared on the show. We know she’s in Belfast now, and this would be a good time to have her rehearse for a big fight. 

Anyway, the particular GoT-related activity she’s conducting at the moment isn’t the point; the point is that she happens to be in the process of some GoT-related biz when she makes her Happy Birthday Tweet to Nikolaj. I have been rewarded for examining Gwen’s choices of Tweet emojis before. (I’m telling you, it’s about to get worse.) And with her b-day greetings to Nik, she uses: noisemaker, cake, theater masks, trophy, noisemaker, star, balloon, bells, gift box, bow, noisemakers. 

Look, I won’t go so far as to try to make sense of the sequence, or figure out some secret message in what all these emojis have in common. I told you it can always get worse. 

I’m just sayin’, the masks, trophy and star are not birthday-related.

It’s like…she has a script in front of her, and she wants Nik to know he can expect some great acting material in S7. Which means they’ll have some more scenes together. 

I am the biggest Dorknerd that ever Geeked.

Of course it’s not too early to speculate about Season 7

Why do I keep typing “Season” as “Seasion”? Like…muh?

Anyway. My idea of spending more time on the new novel is going pretty well. I said I would invest less time this year in following filming leaks, and I mean it. That said? I actually AM quite interested in news about filming locations. Since Dany & Co. are coming to Westeros, that narrows down the range of possible settings on the show, and I’m interested in what those settings may look like.

Per several posts at Watchers, we have some nice concrete news about various places, outside of Northern Ireland, where Season 7 will be filmed. The filming season will be a bit later in the year than previously, partly because they want to film in actual winter. That means we’ll also have to wait longer for the season to air. It’ll be a short season; HBO confirms seven episodes this year, so I need to speculate with a short-ish season in mind. For getting actual winter, the production is returning to Iceland in January, and the rumor is that “six major characters” will be involved in the Icelandic scenes.

Meanwhile, they’re also lining up a number of interesting Spanish locations, including Sevilla, Almodovar del Rio, Zumaia, Santiponce, Caceres, and Bermeo.

For some of these locations, we can first assume they’ll be doing Dorne scenes here, which I suppose will be more engaging now that the Sand Sucks are part of a group that includes Dany & Tyrion, Olenna Tyrell and the Greyjoy sibs. Some of the Spanish locations, however, look better for more northern areas of Westeros.

For Sevilla, they’re going back to the Real Alcazar to film more Water Gardens scenes. Hopefully not trying to do any more action scenes there. It’s a gorgeous location, but it’s better for showing everyone just sitting around drinking wine.

For Almodovar del Rio, they’re shooting at the castle, which looks like this:


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The good people at Literature and Latte have notified us that Scrivener for iOS is expected to reach the App Store on July 20th. It’ll cost $19.99, which is much more than I’m willing to pay for the overwhelming majority of iPad apps, but this is possibly the biggest case of “shut up and take my money” I’ve felt in years.

Yes, literally years. I have spent actual money on trying to achieve a reasonable approximation of Scrivener on the iPad, and the best I found was Notebooks, which is useful up to a point. Notebooks is a good program, but it can’t edit Rich Text, and I’ve seriously stressed myself out trying to find something that does everything Notebooks does and also edits Rich Text. I got Textilus, and it’s fine for doing little one-off documents, but for working on a long-form piece, don’t waste your money. It’s hard to describe what it fails to do, because I gave up trying so long ago.

Evernote is sort of helpful for working on novels, but they’ve pissed me off for the last time and I will not give them any more of my content. Google Drive is better, but it’s not meant to approximate Scrivener’s functionality and it doesn’t. I wasted a good deal of valuable time trying to make a Google Drive folder partner with a Scrivener project, and it didn’t work.

Oddly enough, a not-terrible Scrivener substitute DID come out recently, called Scrivo Pro, and I was lucky enough to win a free download, but I tried the program and I’m not quite ready to trust it. The Dropbox sync takes some coaxing, the line breaks can be unpredictable, and generally I’m not comfortable with putting my novels into the app. I may have written a couple of slideshows for FanSided in Scrivo, so it’s definitely useful, but for the big things, it doesn’t quite meet the mark. It needs some polish.

And unlucky for Scrivo’s developers, L&L has finally, after so long telling us “we’re still working on it!”, submitted the actual iPad-ready version of Scrivener to the App Store. I swear I’m not getting paid by L&L, but I’m so ready to buy the new app. I may have purged some unnecessary apps from my iPad to make space. If there’s still not enough space for Scrivener, I haven’t ruled out buying a new iPad Pro. If it comes to that, I pre-emptively regret nothing.

Meanwhile, if L&L can make Scrivener for iOS happen, I think GRRM can finish The Winds of Winter.

Brienne’s family is deliberately under-described

Just this morning, I saw someone on a certain message board tell us “Tarth” is Welsh for “mist.” I checked with Google translate, and sure enough. There it is. Something tells me that was not an accident on GRRM’s part.

Some time ago, I went over what we know about Brienne’s family, and how much we don’t know. At the time, I wasn’t sure whether this shortage of information was a result of a lack of planning by GRRM, or whether he was keeping the Tarths deliberately mysterious.

The fact that their family name means “mist” should tell us a lot about that.

Before I go any further: I think it’s really weird that the books have been around this many years, and show has been running for this many years, and I’ve been following Watchers and Winter and the Wars and Politics peeps, and so much of the GoT cast, for this many months, and I’m only now finding out “Tarth” is a translation of “mist.” Surely someone should have mentioned this by now? Yet this is the first I’m hearing about it.

Still, that is what the name means. I’m bringing it up because it explains a lot about why there’s such a dearth of information on Brienne’s family, relative to what a significant character she is. We don’t know their motto. We don’t know anything about her mother. Her father’s been mentioned at least once every season on the show since Brienne appeared, yet we don’t know anything about him except his name, that Brienne is his only living child, and Blackfish seemed to think he was a good man. We know so little because GRRM has chosen to keep her family shrouded in mist for this long, and when he reveals more about her family, it’ll be significant.


Jaime will not stay in King’s Landing

Since I made a few thousand words happen for my novel today, I think it’s okay to write this now.

Of all the places Jaime Lannister has gone and things he’s done so far on Game of Thrones, Season 4 is the only season he’s spent entirely in King’s Landing.

Have seen Season 6, I think 4 will be the last season he spends entirely in King’s Landing.

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They’re not even trying to be subtle.

Hi there fellow Throners, I just rewatched some parts of the Season 6 finale. In the exchange between Jaime and Bronn at the Twins, they just happen to make time for yet another conversation about Jaime’s appeal to the ladies, as if there wasn’t enough happening in the episode already and as if we hadn’t already seen Bronn tell Podrick how exhausted he was from seeing the girls coo over Jaime.

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Maybe if I put it in public, I’ll make it happen.

Now we’re finished with Season 6, and we’re already getting filming news about Season 7.

For the next year, I’m really, really, hoping, actually, to spend less time on Game of Thrones and more time on just about everything else, especially my novel.

I’ll still be writing about GoT in the off-season, but for this year my goal is to focus less on filming leaks and more on foreshadowing. Not that my foreshadowing-based speculation is always right, but with the amount of time I spent obsessing over every post at Watchers, relative to how much that information told us about what was actually happening in Season 6, I think I’ll get a better bang for my buck from looking at events from previous seasons. Also, there were some filming leaks that turned out to be outright wrong. I’d rather be wrong based on what I tell myself than on what someone else tells us.

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