Motivational Quotes: “Sheathe that sword, you arrogant pup.”


I’m sort of torn between trying to cultivate good, creative habits that don’t revolve around Game of Thrones, and wondering when the fuck we’ll get some photos/reports of filming at Riverrun. 

For now, I’ll fill in the gaps with another Jaime quote from A Storm of Swords. The “arrogant pup” in this case is Loras Tyrell, who is picking a fight with Brienne (a very stupid idea) because he thinks she killed Renly. Jaime is having none of that bullshit. He’s just gotten back to the Red Keep and the other Kingsguard knights, especially Loras, don’t recognize him. 

“I am the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, you arrogant pup. Your commander, so long as you wear that white cloak. Now sheathe your bloody sword, or I’ll take it from you and shove it up some place even Renly never found.”

Why don’t we get to see Jaime calling anyone an “arrogant pup” on TV? 

Motivational Quotes: “I hope to blind my enemies!”


At the time he was taken prisoner by the Starks, Jaime was a beardless knight with long, golden hair. Shortly after escaping Riverrun with Brienne and his ridiculous ass-kissing Cousin Cleos Frey, Jaime has his cousin shave his head clean, but keeps the beard he grew during his captivity, hoping it makes him unrecognizable. This is an exchange that happens when Riverrun’s captain of the guard catches up to their boat:

“Come to take you back, Kingslayer,” Ser Robin Ryger bellowed. “How is it that you’ve lost your golden hair?”

“I hope to blind my enemies with the sheen off my head. It’s worked well enough for you.”


Ser Robin didn’t find that very funny, for some reason.

Motivational Quotes: “Too sweet!”


While talking with his father about his maiming, Jaime has this thought regarding Vargo Hoat:

To get the full effect, you need to see it in context:

“Lady Catelyn held a sword to my throat and made me swear to return her daughters. This was your goat’s work. Vargo Hoat, the Lord of Harrenhal!”

Lord Tywin looked away, disgusted. “No longer. Ser Gregor’s taken the castle. The sellswords deserted their erstwhile captain almost to a man, and some of Lady Whent’s old people opened a postern gate. Clegane found Hoat sitting alone in the Hall of a Hundred Hearths, half-mad with pain and fever from a wound that festered. His ear, I’m told.”

Jaime had to laugh. Too sweet! His ear! He could scarcely wait to tell Brienne, though the wench wouldn’t find it half so funny as he did. “Is he dead yet?”

The wound resulted from Brienne biting Hoat’s ear off when he tried to rape her. He shouldn’t have done that.