The problem is with us.

Rebecca Solnit at the Guardian says exactly what’s been on my mind since the election: the problem is not that Hillary Clinton wasn’t a good enough candidate. She was not a sub-par candidate who had the Democratic primaries rigged in her favor. (I can’t believe this is actually a thing I’m hearing from otherwise reasonable people.) She was an outstanding candidate and the climate surrounding the general election was unfairly stacked against her in tactics going back decades. Rebecca explains:

You can flip that and see that Trump was such a weak candidate it took decades of scheming and an extraordinary international roster of powerful players to lay the groundwork that made his election possible. Defeating Clinton in the electoral college took the 2013 gutting of the Voting Rights Act by Republican appointees to the supreme court. It took vast Republican voter suppression laws and tactics set in place over many years. It took voter intimidation at many polling places. It took the long Republican campaign to blow up the boring bureaucratic irregularity of Clinton’s use of a private email server into a scandal that the media obediently picked up and reheated.

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What are we eating for dinner?


I feel like the country was all seated in a giant dining room, hungrily waiting for our dinner to be served, and the restaurant manager came out and told us: “We can only cook one dish for everyone, so we’ll choose based on which option gets the most requests. There are two meal options, so the vote will be simple. One option is a chicken entree. The other option is a heaping bowl of toxic waste garnished with broken glass.”

The outcome is that we’re all going to spend the next four years (hopefully not eight) eating toxic waste and broken glass because too many people couldn’t be bothered to ask for chicken.


Nov. 8th was the longest night of 2016

To the rest of the world: Progressive America is just as appalled as you are. That may be small comfort, but there are still some sensible people here and we’re doing our best to hold the place together. Please don’t give up on us.

I’ll have more coherent thoughts later, but, for now: the reason why Donald Trump just won the Presidential election is that too many people could have voted for Hillary Clinton, and didn’t.

We can go back and forth about why it worked out that way, but, on balance, if you are someone who is able to vote in the United States, and you did not vote for the Clinton/Kaine ticket, you are part of the problem.

I’d say “move to Canada,” except they don’t need your apathetic, ambivalent asses up there taking up valuable oxygen. Stay here in the States, sleep in the bed you’ve made, and do better in the future.


Charles Kinsey > You


I am absolutely NOT here for the usual Status Quo Warriors, police brutality apologists and general Part-of-the-Problem folks coming in to say that unlike all those OTHER thugs who clearly deserved to get shot, Charles Kinsey is a REAL victim of ACTUAL police brutality.

It’s true that it’s basically impossible to design a better example of a person who didn’t deserve to get shot, but Mr. Kinsey is better than your white supremacist exceptionalism.

Oh, and also: “Sir, why did you shoot me?” “I don’t know.”


No one asked for my opinion on this, so…

Just in case anyone was wondering what I think of this Abigail Fisher person who’s using the Supreme Court to soothe her what-about-me complex, here’s the gist of my attitude:


In which I have put on a colorful infinity scarf, red lipstick, and my usual chunky glasses for the occasion of raising a middle finger at either side of my smile.

Some of us spend our young adulthood making an effort to learn new things and improve ourselves.

And then there’s Abby Fisher, who is spending her considerably privileged young adulthood doing…that.

Girl can bite my big curvy behind.

They can bury themselves so we don’t have to see their faces.

I don’t want to find out the latest mass shooters’ names. (I’m hearing on Twitter there are 3 of them, white guys in military gear. FUCKING CLOCKWORK, FOLKS.) I don’t want to see their faces in the news. I might like to hear something about their motivations, but that information doesn’t need to be attached to their specific identities. They don’t deserve to be famous. Their names should not be on our lips. I want to see their victims’ smiling faces with names attached. I want to hear about the people who stepped up to protect the innocent.

The shooters’ names and faces are of no interest to me. They’re just another 3 assholes who should’ve used the first bullets on themselves.


Who will insist the location is totally a coincidence?

Since this is America, the question is not really whether we’ve had a mass shooting today so much as whether we’re hearing about it.

Well, today, we’re hearing about it.

Police in San Bernardino, California are responding to reports of an active shooter in an office building. There are 20 victims, according to the fire department. The location is around the corner from a Planned Parenthood.

As of this writing, the story reports 12 fatalities.

I’m not even angry at this point so much as disgusted.


But, but, teh baybeez!

For anyone making a show of speculating on how many “unborn babies” lives were “saved” by the shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs: absolutely none. Some of those fetuses might end up getting aborted at a later stage of gestation, at which time they’ll look more human, but those pregnant people still don’t want babies and laying siege to an abortion clinic won’t make them any more interested in adding more human beings to this world.

But don’t shut up on my account! By all means, keep telling us how you understand this act was a terrorist attack against abortion rights. Keep telling us about how the idea of those “unborn babies” is so much more important than the lives of breathing adults.

You LOSE, you get NOTHING, good DAY, sir.