Charlinder’s Walk

This is my first completed novel, published in October 2011. 

From the back cover:

In 2012, the Plague brought about the end of the world. In 2130, Charlinder wants to know why when his village begins to fight over the Plague’s origin. Was it a natural event, or did God punish humanity for its sins?

Unwilling to wait for matters to get any worse, and never having been more than ten miles from home, he decides to walk across three continents to find the site of the Plague’s origin and bring the true story home.

In the two and a half years it takes him to get there, he learns how shocking his village’s culture seems to outsiders while the settlements along the way force him to grapple with questions of family, religion, education, sexuality, hierarchy and interdependence. He survives thousands of miles of language barriers, hunger and disaster before he meets Gentiola.

Nothing could have prepared him for the tale of madness, ecology and fanaticism that he learns from her. His place in the world is a question he will ask for the first time.

The trailer is embedded on the previous page. There is more detailed info at these pages (you can also find them through a mouseover of the book title in the page menu):






About the Author

“Charlinder’s Walk was a fantastic read and one I enjoyed immensely. Alyson Miers did an excellent job in terms of character development. I really liked the whole cast of them because they seemed to jump off the page, the whole story did for me actually jumped off the page and I really felt as though I was there with Charlinder as he was on his journey of self discovery.” — from Kimberly at Turning the Pages

Here is my podcast with Annie at New Books in Secularism.

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