Alyson Miers, alternately known in some quarters as Red Monster, is a writer, crafter and smartass of the liberal feminist American persuasion. Her blog categories can be defined as follows:

  • Bi-Yotch: anything having to do with gender, sex or LGBT issues.
  • Citizen Red: pertaining to politics or international issues.
  • Crafty Monster: my thoughts on knitting, crochet, and any other hobbies I happen to pursue.
  • Etiquette: fairly self-explanatory.
  • It’s All About Me!: if you can’t be self-absorbed on your blog, then why bother having one?
  • Little Red Writing Hood: about writing, stuff Alyson has written, and language.
  • Monstrous Little Heathen: anything pertaining to religion, secularism, and the struggle between the two.
  • Science Groupie: fairly self-explanatory.

The Monster’s current tasks, when she is not updating her blog, include holding down her day job, trying to promote her first novel (see: Books), writing subsequent novels, and annoying her family. Blog updates can be anywhere from once every three days to three times per day. She has been known to refer to herself in the third person.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Alyson, my name is Eric Tucker and I am a reporter with The Associated Press. I’d like to speak with you for a few minutes when you get a chance about the Family Research Counci shooting. I’m interested in many of your observations. Would you be willing to contact me at 202-641-9660? Thanks!

  2. Just found you through Emily’s Friday post today. Am now following your site. I’m an NP specializing in women’s health, also wrote a book, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. I think we have things in common. Please feel free to connect. If you ever invite guest over, I’d love to visit your site.

  3. I thought my new post would be less offensive to you, I tried to be more detailed & elaborate more better this time to hopefully clear up any confusion or misunderstandings you have about me after you read my first sleepless site. This is the new page about it all I made. this ONE blog is around 25,000 words! It took me almost TEN hours to type last night! But I did it just to try and clear iup misunderstandings. It’s this link here, under girlfriend application

    Wanna become my girlfriend

    • He took the site down? Yeesh, it’s like he can’t commit to anything.

      I’m not keeping an eye on him so much as responding when he appears. He came here and posted that link of his own volition; not sure how he started thinking I would want to see his updates.

  4. He’s desperate for attention, good or bad. Those two blogs go right back to his childhood. Pretty scary stuff! He sent it to you, even though he insulted you on twitter, because he self-googles all day and tries to find mentions of himself anywhere. He’s even made death threats against bloggers so you’re better off ignoring him, which is exactly what he does NOT want. So hard to avert one’s eyes from trainwrecks, isn’t it? And trust me, his updates were NOT less offensive.

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