The Joy of Unintended Consequences

This is my great big essay on how the Jaime/Brienne relationship is absolutely happening in canon. I hope you enjoy it.


For offline reading: download the PDF or iBooks version.

For online reading, get it one chapter at a time.

Introduction: War of Five Kings — in which I disclose how I chose the title.

Stage 1: Escape from Riverrun (but first I write about a goofy relationship theory concerning Tyrion)

Stage 2: Bloody Mummers — Section 1: Road to Harrenhal, Section 2: Bathtime!

Stage 3: House Lannister Falls Apart — Section 1: Bear Pit, Section 2: Back to King’s Landing, Section 3: Rescuing Tyrion, Section 4: Jaime’s Dream

Stage 4: Oathkeeper — Section 1: Brienne’s Other Options, Section 2: On the Road, Section 3: Danger

Stage 5: “I love you too, sweet sister.”

Stage 6: Harrenhal Revisited — Section 1: Red Ronnet, Section 2: Lady Stoneheart

Stage 7: Cersei’s On Her Own — plus the conclusion.