Seven Kingdoms

It came to me in a dream. — celebrating April Fool’s Day.

In a coat of gold, a coat of red, a Monster still has jaws.

Random Impressions from last night’s Game of Thrones. (including Stannis’s latest grammar pedantry)

In Which Ramsay Makes Fat Jokes

Do They Celebrate Mother’s Day in Westeros?

It Could’ve Been So Much Worse — S5:E6, sexual violence.

What can we learn from what happened to Sansa?

Good question in Search Terms — Sansa and Littlefinger

In Which Cersei Protects Her Children

Tyrion, Lannister Killer

Love is the Death of Duty, and Duty is the Death of Love — S5:E9, Shireen

Fun With Verb Tenses and Breaking Bread With Lannisters

Tyrion is the Son Tywin Raised

Search Terms: Aftermath of Red Wedding

Search Terms: All black and brown and covered in hair!

Game of Vows: Serve the Living

“Sing, Little Bird.”

Lord Selwyn’s Only Living Child

How did Dunk have a descendant with a POV?

Game of Memes: the Grass Really Is Greener

Search Terms: What does the Goat know?

Search Terms: No, that much we can rule out.

Smartasses Having Fun on Twitter

Random Thoughts: Cersei Doesn’t Notice

Game of Goofy Theories: I Have Opinions


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