Season 5 Finale Posting Spree

I may have gone a little wild after “Mother’s Mercy” aired. The less said about the Photos collection on my iPad, the better.

On the danger of deriving “will” from “ought.” — in which I debunk a theory favoring Lady Stoneheart’s appearance in the finale.

On the fate of Theon and Sansa

How many people died?

Part 4: How dead is he?

Part 5: “Do you have any last words?”

Part 6: Game of Cliffhangers

Part 7: “I’m glad you’re my father.”

Game of Cliffhangers, Addendum: Podrick Payne’s Axe

Part 8: All the Things

Game of Cliffhangers, Addendum 2: Ramsay Fucking Bolton

Part 9: I Must Bat These Shiny Things

Bride of I Enjoy This Too Much: “You murdered him with blood magic?” — this one is in I Enjoy This Too Much format, but since it concerns Brienne’s actions in the finale, and does not concern Jaime, it goes here.

Today in Search Terms: Trystane and Myrcella

Game of Cliffhangers, Continued: What happened to Littlefinger?

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