I Enjoy This Too Much

Your blogger is a shameless piece of work. Also too, I compiled a master-sheet of all the posts below in PDF format. So you can binge ALL of my Jaime/Brienne madness in one go, offline!

“Where did you find this beast?” — S2:E7, E8

“I’m strong enough.” “Not interested.” — S2:E10

“If you kill me, you fail lady Stark.” — S3:E2

“If you fight them, they will kill you.” — S3:E3

“Why did you help me?” — S3:E4

“That was unworthy. Forgive me.” — S3:E5

“Gold, sapphires, whatever you want.” — S3:E7

“Do you want me to kidnap my sister-in-law?” — S4:E1

“I don’t serve your brother, Your Grace.” — S4:E2

“Valyrian steel.” — S4:E4

Return of I Enjoy This Too Much: “Is that Estermont?” — S4:E4, S5:E1, S5:E4

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