Game of Speculation

Bran’s coming back in Season 6! You know it!

In Which Everyone is Obsessed with Kit Harington’s Hair

Someone is Trying to Keep Us in the Snow

So Many Unanswered Questions: They Make Me Ask and Ask — I speculate on Brienne and Podrick’s next moves.

Game of Cliffhangers, Follow-Up On Littlefinger

“You’re a Man of Action, Aren’t You?” — I speculate on Jaime’s next moves.

Plenty of Cruel Fathers and Hapless Sons to Go Around

What Littlefinger Doesn’t Know

How to Hide in Winterfell

More of this, please! — Something about a big FIRE.

Those Who Play Together, Slay Together

Who Might Play Together?

This Hasn’t Quite Hit Me Yet — something about characters coming back.

I Argue Against Cleganebowl

Passing Time with Blond Babies in Spain

In Which I Speculate Over Whether a Thing is Speculation Fodder

Playing Telephone with Spoilers

We’ll Use This Rumor as an Example — a certain actor has a reputation as a troll.

The speculation fodder is very squishy this week.

So far, I haven’t embarrassed myself.

Congratulations, GoT Fandom: It’s a Dickon! — casting news.

I STILL haven’t embarrassed myself.

Who can read Catalan?

A bad translation of a rumor is a recipe for embarrassment.

Spoilers in the North

Not quite proof, but supporting evidence — filming in Girona.

If that, then something else. — stuff about King’s Landing, and Brienne getting into fights.

Words Have Meaning: Spoilers, Speculation and What-Not

Let’s Assume These Rumors are Credible

Now the Rumors Swirl Together

All Your Speculation Fodder is Belong to Me — cast members at the Emmys.

How many lords are we expecting so far?

Is it Christmas already? — holy fucking shit.

Using the information in the post linked just above, the next four posts are a set:

How to Spend Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 1

Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 2: the Little Assassin

Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 3: the Gruff Priest and Others

Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 4: the Warrior Maid

Blurry Photos Are a Recipe for Embarrassment

I Second Guess Myself Just a Little

Game of Spoilers: Who’s Taking Care of Meereen?

“I don’t want anyone following me.”

I wonder what they’re filming in Spain?

Things to Build in the Riverlands

“You saw it yourself, my king.”

I think I know what they’re filming in Spain!

Keeping Up With the Lannisters

Building Things in the Riverlands, Continued!

Game of Spoilers: It’s All Happening in the Riverlands!

Rumors, Actors, Instagram, and What-Not

Have I Embarrassed Myself Yet? How About Now?

Game of Skepticism: Trust But Verify

Wheeling and Dealing in the Far South

Game of Skepticism: Cliffhangers That Should Not Be Cliffhangers


Game of Spoilers: “…with a trebuchet.”

Bastardbowl 2016: I may be embarrassing myself just a bit.

In Which I Argue Against Another Revenge Fantasy

Working On My Death List

I’m not a very nice person.

Things That Go Crunch in the Snow

What ARE they building in the Riverlands?

Beware of Directors Offering Spoilers

In which we have a slow news week.

Or maybe this is him!

It’s still a slow news week, so: look! Actor with haircut!

Speculation Fodder as Self-Care

Where’s Daddy Bolton?


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