Countdown to Season 6


Save the date, everyone!



HBO’s year-ender video includes three shots of new footage.

First teaser videos! Tattered battle banners with voice-overs!

Here’s the Season 6 “teaser” set in the Hall of Faces:

Production stills from Season 6! Probably all from Episode 1. Here’s one example:

More information-free Wall of Faces promo.

Behind the cameras in making Game of Thrones.

Real life official Season 6 trailer!

Here is another trailer, following the world premiere of Season 6 in LA!

As of the evening of April 11th, 2016, here are three fresh clips from the first episode! Like the tattered battle-banner teaser videos, we get:

…one for Lannister:

…one for Stark:

…one for Targaryen: