ASoIaF vs. GoT

First: Lannister Twincest — concerns mostly S4:E3, Jaime & Cersei’s relationship.

Second: Tyrion and Penny — Tyrion’s adventures in A Dance With Dragons, especially a new love interest.

Third: Who Cut Off Jaime’s Hand, and Why? — this covers a lot of ground. Includes citations.

Fourth: Maggy the Frog — concerns opening of S5.

Fifth: Tyrion’s First Wife — spans from first season through S4 finale, includes citations.

Sixth: “Do you think she’s safe with Littlefinger?” — all about Brienne and Sansa, up to S5:E2.

Seventh: Ser Bronn and Lollys Stokeworth — concerns S5:E2.

Eighth: Sansa’s New Marriage Proposal — in which I am all pissed off about the events of S5:E3.

Ninth: How Jaime Would Choose to Die — concerns S5:E4, Jaime’s role in his family, includes citations.

Tenth: “Yes, Pod, he liked men.” — concerns S5:E3, Brienne’s backstory. Screenshots from earlier episodes.

Addendum: “Don’t you mock me.” — insight into Brienne, fits between Tenth and Eleventh compare/contrasts.

Eleventh: Bathtime at Harrenhal — Jaime and Brienne’s bath in S3:E5. Includes citations. Copious citations.

Twelfth: In Which Cersei Screws Herself — concerns S5:E7. Includes citations.

Thirteenth: Lady Stoneheart and the Kingslayer Parallel — compares and contrasts Jaime and Brienne’s adventures with show. Includes citations and several screenshots. This one’s long.

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