Not today, Putin.

I won’t feel exactly safe in this election until the Dampnut is GONE from the White House. I wouldn’t put it past the Kremlin Klan to pull some shit between now and January.

Even so? The Biden/Harris win is good news by itself. American democracy isn’t dead! Don’t give up on us, world; we’re trying.

SO of course, cue the pleading for us liberal voters to to “unify” the nation by “reaching out” to Trump supporters.

I see where the concern is coming from. I do. So my first question is: why do we never hear conservative figures exhorting their fellow travelers to “reach out” to us dirty leftists to heal the rifts in our nation? The answer is that they don’t want to reach out to us. The basic reason why they keep on voting for Repubs despite their “best interests” is that their actual interests are to punish people they don’t like. They hate the Other People more than they love themselves. That’s why they keep on voting for these assholes who actively fuck everything up, and that’s why they don’t object to those assholes’ increasingly transparent voter suppression.

That’s why they keep voting for the party of voter suppression, and that’s why they don’t try reaching out to us. That’s also why no amount of good will from us liberals is going to heal our rifts. We’re not going to accomplish anything by “having a conversation” with people who’ve already decided not to listen to us. You don’t reason with people whose motivation is to make sure the Other People can’t have nice things.

With that in mind, here’s my outreach message to my fellow Americans who keep on rewarding the GOP for making everything worse: Y’all may hate us, but we still want you to have nice things. We want you to enjoy benefits like quality affordable healthcare, a livable planet, a decent educational system, and sturdy infrastructure. We support policies and programs that benefit all of us, including y’all, because we want to move forward rather than get revenge. Still don’t like those terms? We can’t convince you, but we can outvote you.

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  1. Another issue is behavioral with women who voted for trump. They were raised in patriarchal homes and are conditioned to need a man to take care of them. Especially one which makes them feel compelled to “change” to a better man. As with all abusive relationships it will never happen but time and again they think all Trump needs is the love of a good woman.

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