I’m trying not to be one of those carceral feminists.

Anyone who says the policing and prison systems need to be abolished…probably has some good points to make. Anyone who has a quick “duh” answer to the matter of what comes after abolition…is probably full of shit.

This kind of questioning is the energy I would like to engage with:

And that’s when it clicked for me: we need to start from the ground up. We all need to engage with the question of how to hold abusers accountable, and there won’t be any 100% solutions any time soon. This challenge is no excuse to fall back on the assumption that we can’t do without prisons and police departments.

I’m a feminist; I even call myself a radical feminist. I need to be ready to be radical about how we deal with shitty people. I’m also a creative. I can build entire worlds from the ground up. If I’m going to have opinions on what justice demands, then it’s on me to use some imagination on the structures needed to make justice happen.

It’s gonna be a big, messy conversation. I want to be part of that conversation.

2 thoughts on “I’m trying not to be one of those carceral feminists.

  1. Yes, Alison, I believe you to be an excellent candidate for such a discussion! If you do engage in this endeavor all I ask is that you please share your thoughts, comments, debates, and conclusions with us. It has been a long time since you’ve written in this forum on any regular basis and we miss your voice. If you’re not going to post here regularly, will you please provide links to any other venues where you share your thoughts?

    Thank you,
    Nalla Lorton

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