Casual observations on the primary process.

Let me get this straight:

So far, we’ve been through two states, Iowa and New Hampshire.

It’s been revealed that the process in Iowa was full of technical embarrassments and thus its results are suspect at best.

But anyway, Iowa and New Hampshire, together, represent a total of 1.36% of the US population according to 2018 counts. Iowa is 90.28% white and New Hampshire is 93% white, according to World Population Review, while the USA at large is 60.4% white according to the same sources. So…those two states are far from an accurate cross-section of the country. I’m not saying white folks’ votes for the Dem nominee shouldn’t count! I mean, the preferences of white folks who live in more diverse areas should also be heard!

Yeah, so, based on the results of the first two states in the primaries, Elizabeth Warren ranks approximately 3rd place in a field with much more than 3 candidates.

And…some people are demanding that she drop out of the race and support the front-runner.

Are they calling on Joe Biden to drop out and support a stronger candidate? I don’t see that. Calling on Mike Bloomberg to drop out and throw his campaign money behind Mayor Pete or Amy Klobuchar? Not seeing that.

It’s not just Bernie supporters clamoring for Sen. Warren to surrender already, although I would note that Sen. Sanders is the candidate who kept on pushing for the Dem nomination in 2016 even while Hillary Clinton was winning state after state, and his supporters backed him all the way.

Some of them are still acting like Bernie was the rightful winner of the Dem nomination in 2016 and now acting like the result of any primary is the Bernie wins by a landslide or the result is invalid. This is the difference between Bernie supporters and Bern-outs. Bernie supporters put Bernie as their first choice in a field of several valid candidates. Bern-outs act like Bernie is the only valid candidate. I sympathize with Bernie supporters. Bern-outs are not helping Bernie’s case.

The story is…Sen. Sanders should keep on fighting to the bitter end even when he’s way behind and well past the point of catching up, whereas Sen. Warren should drop out after not winning Iowa and New Hampshire. Interesting.

And it’s not just Bernie supporters acting like Warren should concede already, but it’s just Warren under this much pressure to concede already. Joe Biden is well behind Sen. Warren thus far and Biden could be a powerful support to another candidate, but they’re not calling for him to drop out already. Weird.

It could be sexism. Would they be treating Sen. Warren the same way if it were Sen. Edward Warren? Probably not. I don’t think it’s just sexism, though. Sexism is a factor, but I think a bigger factor is that Sen. Warren is the most viable challenge and they fucking know it. They wouldn’t be so eager to get her out of the way if they didn’t think she could win.