Dumpster of Dragonfire: Death is the enemy.

I’m linking a few posts I wrote on Tumblr right after the later episodes in GOTS7:

Seems WordPress just embeds the whole-ass Tumblr post now. Works for me! But I’ll cut this for length.

And this is my analysis on that dialogue:

Right? I stand by this analysis. Jon was set up for a future of service to guarding the realms of men. This is after he’s escaped his Night’s Watch vows via death and resurrection.

What else about Season 7?

Episode 5: Eastwatch

Episode 6: Beyond the Wall

Episode 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

Teal Deer version, Season 7 gave us hints of certain things pertaining to Jon, to Dany, to their burgeoning romance.

  1. Jon was resurrected because the Lord of Light has a purpose in mind for him. That purpose is not about living happily ever after. It’s about service.
  2. Dany may not be infertile after all.
  3. Jon is technically Dany’s nephew and that will pose a problem for them.
  4. Jorah Mormont may be competition to Jon where Dany is concerned.
  5. Oh and also Beric reminds us that “who sits on the Iron Throne” is a secondary concern to defending those who can’t defend themselves.

So we go into Season 8 somehow thinking the show’s ending will follow through with these list items.

I guess one out of five is better than nothing?