The Dumpster of Dragonfire

Seems the last thing I posted on this blog was sharing my feelings on the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.

My feelings have not changed since the finale.

I’d really like to get all my thoughts on the matter in one place. I want to make the Master Case for how the final season of GOT completely gave up on making sense.

I mean…the finale was not worse than Ep5. The finale was much better than Ep5. This is not a high bar. The finale…still did not explain all the ways in which the story went tits-up.

Today is not the day for a Master Case. I’m trying to find a new job right now—oh, boy, there is a can of worms—and that is a higher priority than anything I have to say about GOT. I have an interview for a viable position today, so knock on wood, I’ll be able to get back to media criticism very soon. For now, let’s just assume I’ll write little bits here and there until I have enough content to warrant some structure.

And it’s not like I haven’t been writing about this ish already. Just that I’ve been doing most of my writing on Tumblr. WordPress feels more like the place where I need to have my act together, whereas Tumblr is the place where I just puke up a few profanities and call it a post.

As for my case against the GOT final season, the hard part is knowing where to begin.

So I’ll make this complaint my opening statement:

If Bran Stark knew all along that he was supposed to be Lord of the Six Kingdoms, he has a LOT of explaining to do.