You can’t spoil something that’s already spoiled itself.

To my readers who noped out of Game of Thrones back in Season 3, or, any time, really, shy of this year: you did the right thing. Remember Ramsay torturing Theon and giving us this line: “But you forgot the most important question. You forgot to ask if I’m a LIAR! Everything I’ve just told you is a lie!”

Benioff & Weiss are the real-life version of Ramsay Bolton. Everything they told us for the past 7 seasons is a lie!

And the shit show that happened last night wasn’t even the finale! We’ve still got one episode left, and I tell you there is nothing that last episode could do to explain the non-sequitur that was Episode 5. I’m not even thinking about justification. Just explanation. There is no explaining what they’ve done. Of course I’m going to watch the finale. Not that I expect anything to make sense or anything good to happen. Just that there were a bunch of characters who weren’t in Episode 5 and who presumably will be in the finale, and I want to see how many other fans’ faves get completely screwed over by the showrunners’ nihilistic power trip. I’m spiteful like that.

Good thing I have other hobbies.