Y’all get a reprieve

Okay, from last post, when I remarked on 59% of Texas white women voting for Cruz? Same complaint still applies: the problem isn’t just with the number of white ladies who positively voted for Cruz, it’s with the number who didn’t vote at all. If you COULD HAVE voted for Beto O’Rourke, and didn’t, you helped to re-elect Ted Cruz to the Senate and yes you should feel bad.

To all the young progressives who’ve never voted before but who voted for Dems in yesterday’s election: Good job! Do more of this.

To all the conservatives who always voted for Repubs before, but who voted for Dems this year because you’re horrified at what the GOP is doing now: You did the right thing. Gimme a high five.

And to the leftier-than-thou pure-gressives who STILL could not be arsed to go the polls and vote blue because the Dems are never good enough for you?

You’re welcome; y’all get a reprieve of at least two years before you have to worry about your trifling asses being first against the wall. I still fucking see you.

One thought on “Y’all get a reprieve

  1. Dang Alyson of House Miers, it is SO good to have you back! Even if it is only in response to this election I am grateful for your voice, but I definitely hope you don’t disappear again for a long period of time. Your thoughts and words are very much appreciated and enjoyed over here and we need more of it!

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