What’ll it take?

I have actually, seriously, written up an idea for the mass shooting scenario that could finally, after all else has failed, get our politicians to get serious about restricting access to firearms.

As in, I’ve basically written the outline for a short story on what a mass shooting will have to look like in order to make effective bullet control happen.

That’s where we’re at, America. I am actually forming a positive answer to the question of “How many people have to die?”


2 thoughts on “What’ll it take?

    • The short version is that we need a pretty young white woman, with no documented history of mental illness, to shoot a bunch of celebrities, rich old white men, and cops, using a gun she borrowed from her boyfriend who purchased it legally. There should be some additionally casualties in the incident from some “good guys with guns” in the crowd who tried to subdue the shooter and ended up hitting bystanders.

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