Couchsurfing for abortion access

Is there a social network or database of people who live in states with pretty liberal abortion rights, who are willing to host pregnant people who need to travel to get abortions?

Because I live in Maryland, and I’ve got couch space available for people coming from Ohio. Must play nicely with my cat. Free lodging, food, Internet, reading material, and I’ll give you a ride to and from the Metro station. Ask nicely and I’ll pay for Lyft rides to and from the clinic.

2 thoughts on “Couchsurfing for abortion access

  1. I have just been wondering the same thing. The only thing I can find is local to Madison, WI and is a project of NARAL. That seems like a great way to vet potential hosts and ensure that people who need accomodation can find it (i.e. obviously one could just write on a profile, but many pregnant people won’t be aware of or comfortable with that resource.) I am not in a position to host, but think this is a great idea. Probably don’t have the energy right now to organize with my local chapter of NARAL or other established nonprofit either, but.. maybe you do? Maybe I will one day?

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