Jaime is having an interesting Season 7


I’ve been sort-of half-way following the filming leaks for Game of Thrones this year. I’m trying not to buy into any particular news too heavily, but we’ve heard enough to know that Jaime Lannister will not stay in King’s Landing for all of S7. He won’t.

He’s taking the Lannister army out west, for starters, and it seems they start out by attacking Highgarden, in which case he’s not exactly defying his sister’s orders just yet, but he does NOT spend another season hanging around the Red Keep. He goes out west, and he does so fairly early in the season, as the commander of his family’s army.

According to Watchers, Jaime is not only commanding the Lannister army and going places and taking stuff, he’s doing so with Widow’s Wail in his scabbard.

WHICH MEANS that he’s carrying the counterpart to the fancy sword Tywin gave him. Widow’s Wail was not buried with Joffrey; it’s staying with the Lannisters. He’s important enough to merit another Valyrian steel sword, even though he can hardly fight anymore. He and Brienne are carrying twin swords.

Taken together with Mark Mylod’s commentary on S6E8, in which he talks about Jaime becoming the leader his father wanted him to be, this underlines the importance of Jaime’s dismissal from the Kingsguard. He’s finally coming into his own.

Oh, there’s also this post on Instagram from Nik, on his departure from filming in Seville:

“Hasta luego” literally means “see you later.” Which means he expects to see this place again. Which implies that he will be back for Season 8.