It’s finally happened.

I have reached the stage of ASOIAF/GOT fandom at which I feel viscerally, personally offended when people vilify my favorite characters. Like, it’s become a question of whom I can trust, if they have choosing-to-be-wrong ideas about certain characters. It’s not just reading comprehension anymore, it’s wondering how this reflects on your treatment of people in real life.

Also, I’m just as vicious a curmudgeon as ever.

4 thoughts on “It’s finally happened.

    • :) I’m working on two big things, and I’ve been sick. I’m getting the sickness under control, but the writing projects still take up a lot of time.

      • i am sorry to hear of your ill health. i hope for your complete recovery and am glad you are still writing when you are up to it. i look forward to whatever alysonmiers treasures are coming!

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