The good people at Literature and Latte have notified us that Scrivener for iOS is expected to reach the App Store on July 20th. It’ll cost $19.99, which is much more than I’m willing to pay for the overwhelming majority of iPad apps, but this is possibly the biggest case of “shut up and take my money” I’ve felt in years.

Yes, literally years. I have spent actual money on trying to achieve a reasonable approximation of Scrivener on the iPad, and the best I found was Notebooks, which is useful up to a point. Notebooks is a good program, but it can’t edit Rich Text, and I’ve seriously stressed myself out trying to find something that does everything Notebooks does and also edits Rich Text. I got Textilus, and it’s fine for doing little one-off documents, but for working on a long-form piece, don’t waste your money. It’s hard to describe what it fails to do, because I gave up trying so long ago.

Evernote is sort of helpful for working on novels, but they’ve pissed me off for the last time and I will not give them any more of my content. Google Drive is better, but it’s not meant to approximate Scrivener’s functionality and it doesn’t. I wasted a good deal of valuable time trying to make a Google Drive folder partner with a Scrivener project, and it didn’t work.

Oddly enough, a not-terrible Scrivener substitute DID come out recently, called Scrivo Pro, and I was lucky enough to win a free download, but I tried the program and I’m not quite ready to trust it. The Dropbox sync takes some coaxing, the line breaks can be unpredictable, and generally I’m not comfortable with putting my novels into the app. I may have written a couple of slideshows for FanSided in Scrivo, so it’s definitely useful, but for the big things, it doesn’t quite meet the mark. It needs some polish.

And unlucky for Scrivo’s developers, L&L has finally, after so long telling us “we’re still working on it!”, submitted the actual iPad-ready version of Scrivener to the App Store. I swear I’m not getting paid by L&L, but I’m so ready to buy the new app. I may have purged some unnecessary apps from my iPad to make space. If there’s still not enough space for Scrivener, I haven’t ruled out buying a new iPad Pro. If it comes to that, I pre-emptively regret nothing.

Meanwhile, if L&L can make Scrivener for iOS happen, I think GRRM can finish The Winds of Winter.