They’re not even trying to be subtle.

Hi there fellow Throners, I just rewatched some parts of the Season 6 finale. In the exchange between Jaime and Bronn at the Twins, they just happen to make time for yet another conversation about Jaime’s appeal to the ladies, as if there wasn’t enough happening in the episode already and as if we hadn’t already seen Bronn tell Podrick how exhausted he was from seeing the girls coo over Jaime.

And…what is Jaime’s objection to those two pretty serving girls making eyes at him and Bronn?


They’re perfectly pretty, healthy young women who seem interested in some fun times with a knight.


They’re cute! And they’re both quite blonde. The lighting makes it tricky to see, but in that context, they have lighter hair than most heads in the room. They’re blonder than Cersei. So, when Bronn asks him: “Not blonde enough?”, that’s not even ambiguous.

The alternative is not even a toss-up between Brienne and Cersei. The girls are being compared to Brienne. The “type” Jaime’s looking for is a tall, butch towhead who’s good at cracking skulls.

It was also rather conspicuous, in Episode 8, how Edmure decided to remark on Jaime’s good looks: his square jaw and gold armor. That was a deliberate choice on someone’s part, and not because it made such a comfortable segue into Edmure telling Jaime what a terrible person he is. They’re doing that thing where they can’t stop talking about what a gorgeous and eligible bachelor Jaime is, and he has a particular type that most girls don’t match.

They’re not even trying to be subtle anymore.