Maybe if I put it in public, I’ll make it happen.

Now we’re finished with Season 6, and we’re already getting filming news about Season 7.

For the next year, I’m really, really, hoping, actually, to spend less time on Game of Thrones and more time on just about everything else, especially my novel.

I’ll still be writing about GoT in the off-season, but for this year my goal is to focus less on filming leaks and more on foreshadowing. Not that my foreshadowing-based speculation is always right, but with the amount of time I spent obsessing over every post at Watchers, relative to how much that information told us about what was actually happening in Season 6, I think I’ll get a better bang for my buck from looking at events from previous seasons. Also, there were some filming leaks that turned out to be outright wrong. I’d rather be wrong based on what I tell myself than on what someone else tells us.

I have a new ASOIAF-related project in mind this year, but it doesn’t need to be done right now. As far as season 7 goes, I’m interested in running predictions on Jaime and Brienne, as individuals, but neither of them exist in a vacuum. In order to avoid making the same mistakes as I made last year with Jaime, I’m going to treat the twincest relationship as a character with its own arc, and I’m going to focus on that arc as well as what Jaime’s been doing individually. For Brienne, I’m actually going to focus first on Arya’s activities. I should also deal with Team Dany, especially Tyrion, and with Team Sansa, but first prediction-running will be on the twins and Arya.

It sort of helps that we’re at the stage in the story where things are contracting rather than expanding. I think we’re going to lose more characters than we gain, from here on out. We’ll have fewer locations than in earlier seasons, now that so many people are either dead or travelling westward. There’s not so much to keep track of anymore.

Before I do any of that, though? I need to work on my new novel. I managed a little bit of writing on Sunday afternoon, but I need to do better. My characters have no one but me, so I need to show up. After I’ve made headway on the novel, then I can work on Season 7 speculation.

Although, as long as I’m writing this post? I feel confident enough to say there is no reinterpretation of the Lady Stoneheart storyline happening on the show. No, Sansa is not the new Stoneheart. Arya isn’t intended that way, either. Stop trying to make Stoneheart happen. Stop choosing to be wrong.