In which the foreshadowing piles up.

Last night I watched Game of Thrones—the latest Episode 9!!!!—while sober and sick with a cold. I found the experience is basically the same as watching while drunk. Our peeps across the pond should be watching it, just about…now.

I think you’ll find it’s not a great episode, but it is an excellent Episode 9. I did an analysis of the Episode 9 events and their consequences for FanSided earlier this year, and there’s a definite formula that goes with the Nines. It’s not just “big scary stuff happens,” it’s about power shifts and victories with complications. This one fits into that tradition. We can criticize the storytelling choices, but as far as Nines go, this one gets the job done.

But I want to talk about what I think will happen next week.

My contribution to FanSided’s weekly GoT coverage for this one was the 5 Questions We Have After “Battle of the Bastards” post. One of the scenes that led me to write a question was that part where Tyrion told Daenerys about the Wildfire Plot, which he’d heard from Jaime.

That’s the part where I said, oh? Tyrion knows about the wildfire?

What matters, as far as making predictions, is not that Jaime went and told Tyrion about the wildfire behind the scenes. What matters is that the show has found a way to talk about the wildfire yet again, and this time, Daenerys knows about it.

Last week, while Jaime was busy telling Edmure about how much their sisters have in common (which is also nonsense, but as foreshadowing, it’s noteworthy), he dropped in a mention of “burn cities to ash.” He wasn’t referring to Catelyn, there.

Last year, Cersei told Tommen she would “burn cities to the ground” to protect him and Myrcella.

In the Season 4 finale, Cersei told her father she would “burn our House to the ground!” to prevent him from taking Tommen away from her.

And of course, there are several hints in the books about Cersei going all Mad King. She’s already burned the Tower of the Hand and enjoyed it a bit too much.

Back to last week, in Episode 8, when Qyburn mentioned a rumor that his little birds were investigating: I don’t think he was referring to Tyrion.

Earlier this year, I decided there was no way they’d kill Cersei before the final season, as she’s too valuable as a love-to-hate character.

However? That was before I saw everything that’s happened in Season 6 thus far. Such as Bran’s visions, Cersei being denied a trial by combat, Tommen being effectively ripped out from under her, and two episodes in a row with references to cities getting burned down.

Because Tyrion told Dany about the wildfire under King’s Landing, I don’t think she’ll be the one who starts the fire. If she arrived in King’s Landing with three dragons, a conflagration would be basically inevitable, which means the fire will start before she arrives.

And I’m not sure Cersei will intentionally burn the entire city. She may be thinking “just” to burn the Sept before she and Tommen are inside it, but the result will be that the last thing we see of King’s Landing is a city made of green flames.

So…we’ll wait till next Sunday, and we’ll see how my predictions hold up.

ETA: Well, actually, I’m gonna walk this back in light of the top-billed five actors getting ridiculous pay raises for Season 7. That includes Lena Headey. So it’s most likely Cersei makes it out of the finale alive. Tommen, though? He so dead.