In which a new cast member is in over his head.

Remember how I posted about Johannes Haukur aka Lemoncloak in GoT Season 6, the other day?

Well…based on his Tweets today, I may have been a bit hard on the guy. Seems less like he was “trolling” the fandom and more like he actually did not know what he was getting into when he engaged with the Stonehards.

For example:

You guys know this guy didn’t write the script, yes? And now it’s way too late to write LSH into Season 6?

The fact that he’s telling everyone he really can’t say anything about this is just adding fuel to the fire. Such as his posting this unbelievably click-bait article from TIME:


It’s one of those articles where someone says, “Now, we’re not SAYING Lady Stoneheart will show up on Game of Thrones…but a whole LOT of people seem to THINK she will! *wink*wink*”

And I did this thing here:

So we had a little conversation:

“Interact with people on Twitter, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.”