In which a new cast member trolls the fandom

We’ve already heard it from GRRM that Lady Stoneheart will NOT be appearing on Game of Thrones, so the Stonehards (yep, just made that up this second) keep on trying to find someone who’ll tell them she’s appearing.

For now, there’s Icelandic actor Johannes Haukur, who plays Lemoncloak, the leader of those three Brotherhood Without Banners guys who showed up and ruined everything for Sandor and his new friends. Johannes Haukur is not above giving the Stonehards a red dot to chase around the floor.

You know, dude, you could simply refuse to respond at all. You could just ignore these inquiries from your followers. Seven know I’ve Tweeted at cast members and they didn’t answer.


I think we’ve already established that where the Stonehards are concerned, there’s no answer negative enough to dispel people’s hype. If you told your followers, “No, there is no LSH on the show, Michelle Fairley has not touched the production with a ten-foot pole since Season 3,” they’d say you’re lying because you’re not allowed to spoil the show. Michelle Fairley said she had not returned and had not been asked to return, and that wasn’t enough. GRRM said LSH was cut from the show, and that’s still not enough. Ambiguous answers are just the sort of thing to get the Stonehards all riled up, possibly because positive answers don’t exist.


Yeah, see, this is a great encapsulation of the Stonehard mentality. If someone says yes (which, I can’t imagine why, but so far no one has), that means we’re getting LSH. If they give a noncommittal answer, that means we’re getting LSH. If they say no, that still doesn’t prove we’re not getting LSH. If they refuse to answer altogether, that means we’re getting LSH. All roads lead to GET HYPE.

The best way to avoid giving any more fuel to the Hype Train is to ignore the question.

Rather than say “not hinting at anything,” you could simply not reply to the Tweet.

Just now (literally seconds ago as I’m posting) he posted this link to the Independent, where Jack Shepherd keeps on pouring fuel in the train while pretending he’s just reporting on what fans are hoping to see. STAHP.

If you’re not allowed to say no, you could simply ignore the Tweets. Not that answering no would make a difference.

Finally dawning on you that there’s no such thing as a reasonable conversation where Stonehards are concerned?

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    • I’ve argued before that I’m open to Uncle Brynden Stoneheart. Which may or may not be happening now. Or they could just do something totally nonsensical with the BWB. But they’re not using Zombie Catelyn.

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