Let’s just assume I’m wrong about everything.

Back to my Game of Thrones posting.

I’m somewhat less fuzzy-headed today, and now that I’ve had some time, and read an interview with Clive Russell (dude who plays Blackfish), I realize I have no idea what I’m talking about regarding the Blackfish or the Brotherhood Without Banners. We have three episodes left in the season to show us what explains the BWB’s turn to terrorism and what goals the Blackfish has in mind.

More discombobulated thoughts below the jump.

How about the Tyrells? I’m not sure what to expect for Margaery (aside from her obviously not being a convert), but somehow, I’m more optimistic about Loras surviving the season. I just feel like: Hey, he has options! Maybe he renounces his titles by way of joining the Kingsguard? Just maybe? I mean, there’s a vacancy and he’s available.


More ideas for our favorite Big Wench: remember how, at the beginning of Season 1, she did that little spiel about not being a leader? And I said that sounds like foreshadowing that she will be a leader? I still think that’s happening. She isn’t a leader of anything right now, but she will be, and three episodes is not enough to let her show her leadership skills, so we can bet she’ll be with us a while longer. Meanwhile, I also noticed foreshadowing for encounters with Arya and Sandor. Maybe even both at the same time? And perhaps this is also the time for her to take on a leadership role? I’m not saying she necessarily will take over the Brotherhood Without Banners and march them north along with Arya and Sandor. I’m just saying the BWB could use some new leadership, Big Wench is in the area, and it’s a scenario that would also work out nicely in the books.

ETA: I almost forgot! We finally get Bronn, and it’s just in time for the Riverlands Reunion. What is he doing in his first scene? Complaining about Jaime taking away his noble bride. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I’m not saying Bronn will act like Ser Hyle Hunt, but if he did so, that would be really, really funny. However, I’m hoping he doesn’t say anything about Brienne that causes Jaime to bitch-slap him down the stairs like he did to Ronnet Connington, becauseĀ Bronn as a character deserves better than to be written that way. I’d rather simply not get the Golden Bitchslap (I mean, we got the Golden Backhand last night, so…) than see Bronn used as an all-purpose shithead.

(For the benefit of my show-only peeps who don’t know what the fuck I’m on about: Ser Hyle is someone who took part in the wager on Brienne’s virginity, and gets back into her life in A Feast for Crows. He asks her to marry him, and does so in the most hilariously unromantic way possible. The adaptation I’m picturing for Bronn is not that he does anything shitty to Brienne, but that he basically points to her and says to Jaime, “You promised me a bride with a castle. How about her?” And Jaime gets all worked up over that. My essay, The Joy of Unintended Consequences, gives more detail from the books. See here for Ser Hyle and here for Ronnet Connington.)