In which I gather my thoughts on the Riverlands Reunion

Putting this stuff under a cut for the benefit of my European peeps who have to wait until tonight to see Episode 7:

Well, now we know, Episode 8 is when we see what really matters on Game of Thrones:


(The rest of this post is going to be a hot mess. I’m gathering my thoughts while sleep-deprived and working.)

For the moment, I’m gonna make a vast oversimplification and say that everything that was underwhelming about Episode 7 could have been fixed by Brienne & Podrick showing up.

We did get a mention of her, though not by name. Septon Ray (I…am so bored with that name) asked Sandor about his getting nearly killed, and Sandor told him it was a woman. I don’t think that conversation needed to be filmed for plot-advancement. I think that’s foreshadowing. He’s gonna have an encounter with Brienne by the end of the season. Or maybe later. But they have to live long enough to see each other again.

Meanwhile, earlier in the season, we saw Brienne telling Sansa about having seen Arya, and then no follow-up on that? Bri’s mission to the Riverlands isn’t about Arya, so I think that conversation with Sansa is foreshadowing another encounter of Brienne and Arya.

Maybe even Brienne, Sandor and Arya all together by the end of the season? I’m daring to hope too much. But they’ll all have to live long enough to have those encounters. If that has to wait until Season 7, then Brienne will have to live through Season 6.

Now it looks like the real insanity is in Episode 8! What sort of fun does Jaime and Brienne’s reunion have in store for us?


First, there’s a conversation in which Brienne tells Jaime: “If I fail to convince the Blackfish to surrender, and you attack the castle, honor compels me to fight you.” This is daylight, and Jaime is out of his armor.

There’s another conversation, later, when Jaime tells someone else: “I love Cersei, and if I have to kill every Tully who ever lived to get back to her, that’s what I’ll do.” It’s nighttime, and he’s wearing his armor. I think he’s talking to Edmure.

There are some images of Brienne meeting with Blackfish. She hands him a scroll. They meet somewhere in darkness, and he draws his sword.

So…it seems like they’re making a deal with the idea that Brienne convinces Blackfish to surrender, let the Freys take over Riverrun, and he takes his army up north to support the Starks. If that works, then that allows Jaime and Brienne to meet their goals without coming to blows.

But I’m betting it doesn’t work out so well? Blackfish isn’t going for that. He’s sticking by his castle no matter what, and I foresee him basically telling Brienne to go fuck herself. The practical upshot being that he doesn’t really care about his grand-nieces.

I can’t really see anything about what’s motivating Blackfish, though. What I can see is that Jaime and Brienne’s deal doesn’t work out, so then Jaime turns to Edmure and convinces him to persuade Blackfish to surrender the castle so that Jaime doesn’t have to attack. Which puts quite a different spin on Jaime’s rhetoric of doing whatever it takes to get him back to Cersei.

But of course, in the show adaptation, Edmure might not be able to convince his uncle to surrender the castle.

I need some more time to think about Blackfish. In the meantime I need something to eat.