I wish Game of Thrones showed on Saturday nights.

If it were on Saturday, then I could stay up late after watching the new episode and not have to go to work the next morning.

Instead, I stay up well past my bedtime to do a slideshow for FanSided, and then I have to perform the absurdity that is Monday morning.


It would be slightly easier if I lived on the west coast and thus had more time between the episode and getting up to catch the bus, but no, I live near DC, so there’s no room for a good night’s sleep after writing my 5 Questions Answered.

For my peeps across the pond: Episode 7 is definitely worth a watch. It is NOT the best episode of the season. There are some great moments, and there are some disappointments.

I am showing this Tweet here for the benefit of my show-only peeps. This is the Broken Man speech we were all assuming would be performed on the show last night. It was not performed. We got a shorter, more plain-spoken sermon on a similar theme, but we did not get this from Ian McShane:

Which is a shame, because it would’ve been epic. I’ll be charitable and assume Bryan Cogman was afraid he might fuck it up if he adapted it for screen, so he decided to leave it out altogether rather than not do it justice.

Another possibility is that, since the episode didn’t have room for Brienne and Podrick, Cogs basically figured there was no audience for the Broken Men monologue. So I’m left to wonder why we didn’t get to see Bri & Pod last night? They could’ve had one little scene.

Also, Ian McShane’s character is called “Ray” on the show. Ray. Are the writers afraid we can’t remember “Meribald”?

Anyway, I enjoyed Sandor Clegane’s return, but it could’ve been handled better.

Speaking of Sandor Clegane’s return: I’m pretty sure that was the nail in the coffin of Cleganebowl. I mean, okay, he’s not allowed to give up on violence just yet, and that’s moderately annoying, but he’s going to be occupied in the Riverlands for a while. He’s not interested in King’s Landing or FrankenGregor. Cersei’s trial by combat is happening this season, and Sandor will not be available for the event. Sandor is planted firmly in the Riverlands Reunion.