I expect ASOIAF will cause self-embarrassment for literally everyone.

One of these days, I’ll write a post that isn’t about GoT or ASoIaF. What do we say to the God of Real Life? “Not today.”

The more I follow the loosely-defined crowd I will nominally call the Smart People of ASOIAF, the more I realize it is a mistake to think there are any thought leaders in GOT/ASOIAF fandom. The people I’m thinking of ARE generally viewed as thought leaders, I don’t begrudge them that, I’ve learned a lot from them and I think they’re really great people who know what they’re on about, but there are some areas, and they are some fairly significant areas, where I think their view of the endgame is way off. And they’re such an influential bunch of people that a whole lot of other fans are going to end up being wrong in the same fairly significant areas.

Of course I’ll probably be wrong about a lot more of the endgame, and where I’m right will owe a lot to my having learned from Smart People, but where I’m wrong, there won’t be many other people who are wrong because they listened to me. In the meantime, the more I follow Smart People, the more I learn from disagreeing with them. Their arguments help me refine my ideas! But I’m still in disagreement, and I don’t feel bad about that.

At the end, we’ll all be wrong about some major things, and we’ll all have point-and-laugh material for each other. I will have screenshots to hold up in certain people’s faces, and they will have screenshots of my blog posts to show me where I was wrong in every possible way.

For now, though, I am super-excited about show!Jaime getting dismissed from the Kingsguard. Like, I’m gonna compile some quotes from the books and I’m gonna write another essay and have way too much fun with this.