This time, I’m glad I read the spoilers.

Those of you who’ve seen the new Game of Thrones: I told you it was lit. My UK peeps who’ll have to wait a few more hours: get ready. Jack Bender and Bryan Cogman are here to put on a play and bring the pain…AND THE THEATER JUST CLOSED FOR THE NIGHT.

After the episode, D&D confirmed they got Hodor’s origin story straight from GRRM. So, that’s one place where we know the show is sticking to the books.

I agree with all the memes that say Hodor’s the real hero. At the very least, he’s the real hero of the Starks. I wrote a piece about the Starks and their honor for FanSided.

I am weirdly fond of the Dany/Jorah pairing, and after their scene last night, I’m a lot more optimistic that Jorah will survive in the long-term, and he and Dany will get together. In the short term, I’m sort of worried he’ll cause an outbreak of greyscale somewhere else. Like, Westeros.

We didn’t get any King’s Landing this week, and I’m assuming we won’t get any Bri & Pod next week, which is sad because Podrick’s been greatly under-utilized thus far and it would be nice to see him and Brienne traveling together without the rest of the crew. I will admit to a tiny bit of self-embarrassment now that we know the purpose of Brienne’s new quest to Riverrun, but at the same time, I don’t really feel bad, because none of the characters knew about Brynden Tully having retaken Riverrun up to now. Not that I trust Littlefinger to be making that suggestion in Sansa’s interests; he knows, I’m sure he knows, the Tully army is in no position to march north. Also, I wrote a piece on Littlefinger’s position for FanSided.

Speaking of Brienne going to Riverrun: y’all know Tormund isn’t going with her, yes? That departure from Castle Black was probably the last they’ll ever see of each other. She’s going to Riverrun, while he’s going with Jon, Sansa and Davos to rally the North. They’re not travelling together. That said, it just occurred to me earlier today that perhaps some people are getting all invested in Tarthbane because they assume Brienne and/or Jaime won’t make it out of this season alive, so Tormund making sexy-eyes at her is the only heterosexual attention Brienne will ever get. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the only attention she ever gets, and I’m pretty sure she and Jaime will both make it out alive. And anyway, she clearly doesn’t like Tormund and his sexy-eyes, so she’s glad to be getting away from him.

Now that we know Brienne is going south to get the Tully army rather than to search for Arya…I think she’ll find Arya accidentally.

I like that Sansa is taking part in strategy sessions, but she clearly doesn’t know much on the subject, and do you all notice her lying to Jon? I love to see her making stuff like their matching Stark-direwolf gear, but she’s also lying to him, and that’s not a good sign. I’m also uncomfortable with Brienne still going on about Renly’s death, but especially her treating Davos like he’s interchangeable with Melisandre. (If Bri and Davos had some time alone together, they’d be the best of friends. Too bad I’ve put Davos on my season Death List.) Mostly, the red flag is Sansa lying to Jon and being unable to answer why she does so. I think this is the year the Starks finally start winning, but with every victory there are complications, and I’m afraid the complications will be at least partly caused by Sansa failing to communicate with Jon.