This timing is just barely acceptable.

My latest at FanSided: 30 Shockers and Predictions for Season 6!

Throners, I stayed up late to get this slideshow ready for FanSided ahead of my deadline of Tuesday at noon. Yes, that’s last Tuesday, May 17th, at midday. I stayed up late on Monday night to have it ready on time, in case I didn’t have a chance to work on formatting on Tuesday morning. I have to work as an accountant during regular business hours, and I don’t always get a chance to submit blog posts at a particular time in the workday.

Having submitted the piece ahead of its Tuesday-noon deadline, I figured it would go live in the middle of the week.

(Note: I like to think I wouldn’t worry about this sort of thing if I didn’t have chronic anxiety, but I do have anxiety, so here we are!)

That didn’t happen. Someone finally did some editing on my slideshow on Friday night. I thought maybe it would go live on Saturday.

As of 1 PM-ish, I see an editor is working on it, again. So…maybe it’ll go live before “The Door” airs on HBO? Maybe?

Of course, the episode leaked because someone at HBO Nordic made a serious oopsie, so some of you have already watched the episode, or at least read the spoilers.

(I’ve read the spoilers. The episode is lit. One or two of my predictions may have been slightly wrong, but I won’t tell you which ones.)

With all the time that’s elapsed between the deadline I was given, and the article being approved, I wonder what was the point of the deadline? If I’d been allowed another day or three to work on the article, I would’ve had more time to think about stuff. If the article had been published earlier, people who read it would’ve had more time to use it as discussion fodder.

Anyway. The point is, in case you’re wondering: I finished, formatted and submitted the slideshow in the wee hours of last Tuesday. Much of the writing I did, especially of the predictions, was crammed into Monday night.