I look forward to reading his obituary.

I was looking at PoorQuentyn’s blog, and I just came across…THIS ask:

Randyll is the embodiment of “tough but fair,” with his gelding rapers and cutting off thieves’ fingers. Maidenpool is only safe because of him. Sam wasn’t fit to inherit so he sent him to the Wall, like daughters go to the sept. That’s the world.

The most charitable way to read this objection is that someone has neglected large chunks of the text. You notice how he does “justice” in Maidenpool but you don’t notice how he talks to Brienne? You remember his reasoning, in his terms, for sending Sam to the Wall but you don’t remember Sam talking about the way his father treated him? Really? The way Lord Tarly talks to Brienne is so fucking foul I don’t even want to quote it here. The way he treated his son Sam is up there in Tywin Lannister levels of child abuse. Hell, even Tywin let Tyrion reach adulthood before he started trying to kill him.

I co-sign every way that gotgifsandmusings answers the question. First:

But even ignoring his treatment of Sam for one minute (which trust me, I’ll be coming back to), Randyll’s treatment of Brienne betrays entirely what a biased, misogynistic, irrational toad he is. This isn’t just the rape apology either. His brain literally cannot allow a reality where a woman slew three outlaws. When Ser Hyle offers a mild defense of Brienne, Randyll fires him because that’s how pissed off this makes him. And apparently Brienne’s biggest crime is leaving her house, or something.

Then there’s the rape apology, which is so blatant and unfair that it earns him that middle name for me. Like, even for Westeros, it’s unfair. The gross hymen wager made by the knights in Renly’s camp was all Brienne’s fault, clearly. That’s just how men are, and she was acting like a camp follower! Has the man been reading Camille Paglia? And then of course there’s his “Go where you want and do as you will… but when you’re raped don’t look to me for justice. You will have earned it with your folly.” Yeah, wow, how Tough but Fair™. Really committed to doling that justice…unless it challenges his world-view.

That is the most Randyll Tarly Rape Apologism I will show on this blog. Second:

Even if it’s somehow justifiable to disinherit Sam (it’s not), the fucking kid wanted to be a maester. Problem solved right there. But no, Randyll “my fear of emasculation rivals Vic’s” Tarly couldn’t have a maester for a son. I mean, then he’d be reading, and getting ideas…it’s just not natural!

Finally, there’s the fucking abuse. Sam wasn’t martial so he took it upon himself to beat him into it. He chained Sam to a wall for merely suggesting he might enjoy a certain profession. And that super nice send-off to the Wall was more or less because he was sure that would kill him. He even told people that Sam was dead.

I would like to add that Randyll literally forced his son into the Watch by threatening to kill him. When you consider that he had the option of removing Sam from the line of succession by allowing him to become a maester, like Sam wanted, and which would not have put him nearly so much in harm’s way, that excuse of “that’s the world” becomes even more absurd.

I hope Dany feeds him to her dragons.