In which I may be a tiny bit surprised.

Now THAT was quite an episode of Game of Thrones. I’m putting all the stuff under the cut for the benefit of my UK peeps who haven’t had a chance to watch.

I’ve said before that I may have messed up a bit on the process of the Lannister twins falling apart, and it seems, yes, I did mess that up. Maybe just a little. I’m not alone in that, but it’s quite a surprise to see Cersei so willing to collaborate with the Tyrells. I think her interest in Margaery’s freedom consists mostly in keeping Tommen on her side, but either way, I honestly didn’t expect Cersei to be so sensible. Which means that when Jaime marches out to the Sept with the Tyrells, he’s doing it with Cersei’s agreement. I did not see that coming.

(Of course, he’s still going to the Riverlands later, and she isn’t, so…)

RIP Osha. You tried, you really did, but Ramsay is more interested in murder than sex.

I still hold that Ramsay should not trust Lord Umber to be on his side; he probably knew Osha might try that, and he sent her in there anyway, knowing there was no reason why she’d make a good hostage for Ramsay.

WE GOT OUR FIRST STARK REUNION LAST NIGHT. And it was fabulous and amazing. I could just watch Sansa hug Jon for hours.

I will confess to being a teensy bit annoyed at Brienne’s encounter with Davos and Mel. I had high hopes for that conversation, and instead we just got more of Brienne talking about getting vengeance for Renly. I’m like: are you quite sure you want to talk about executing Stannis, now Sansa’s with you? Maybe you don’t want her to know about your missing her candle?

Anyway. I don’t think Bri honestly intends to make an attempt on Mel’s life. She can talk about it, or she can do it, but I don’t think she can realistically off Mel after having not-so-subtly threatened her.

WE GOT THE PINK LETTER. With that in mind, I think it’s safe to assume that Ramsay really is the one who wrote the pink letter in the books. There’s been some theorizing otherwise, and I respect that theorizing, but the show isn’t interested in anyone else having written the letter.

And that’s why Sansa needs to get Littlefinger on her team, at least for now. The wildlings aren’t enough to defeat the Boltons, so she needs the Vale knights.

As for that preview for Ep5, I am not in agreement with Littlefinger and Brienne being in the same room, and Littlefinger not getting his face ripped off. He should not be safe in that situation.

I’m pretty sure that bit with Dany setting fire to the temple is not going to happen in the books, but not gonna lie: that was amazing to watch. BOW DOWN, BITCHES. (And then someone get Dany a dress.)

Next ep, for the Castle Black crew, is shaping up to be: Jon goes off with Mel, presumably to get the wildling army together, and to keep Mel from getting her head knocked off by a certain tall butch blonde. Sansa lets Littlefinger back in her good graces just long enough to get the Vale knights to help retake Winterfell, she gets Davos on her side because he’s a good egg and because she needs a trustworthy person on her side now that she’s sending Brienne south to do…something, that gets her away from Melisandre and Littlefinger so she doesn’t kill either of them. IĀ thinkĀ it’ll be a fresh attempt to find Arya, but clearly I’m not right about everything.

One more thing: I don’t think anyone can realistically question my commitment to the True Lasting Love of Jaime and Brienne, but for now…she’s up at the Wall, he’s in the sunny capital, and they’re not expecting to see each other again. As long as she’s up there, if she wants to lose her virginity with Tormund, that’s fine.