House Tarth words

Nina Friel aka Good Queen Aly of the Wars and Politics of ASOIAF bunch, has a feature at her Tumblr in which she speculates on the mottos of Westerosi families. I missed this one a few weeks ago, but found it today: her idea for the Tarth motto! I’m really hoping GRRM gives us the Tarth motto in TWoW (yes, I saw the sample chapter he released today), but for now, Good Queen Aly’s idea for House Tarth is In Darkness We Rise.

The more I think about it, the more I love it. In isolation, it sounds rather ominous, but in context, in which we see the situation in Westeros and we’ve seen enough of Brienne to see she’s a good person and her father is known as a decent guy, it sounds really optimistic.

Yes. In darkness, they rise. I like the sound of that.