Let’s just assume you’ll be spoiled.

It’s one of those acute ironies that people in Britain have to wait a day longer than Americans to watch a new ep of Game of Thrones. “Home” appears to be airing in Britain as we speak, so now I’ll share those thoughts I did not hesitate to share on Twitter last night.

Tyrion’s bit with the dragons is going to fuel the Tyrion Targaryen machine, but I remain unmoved. He’s a clever, well-read guy with good judgment. And in this case, he got lucky. I’m open to him becoming a dragon-rider, though.

I think we all saw the Bolton deaths coming miles away, but I will admit I was picturing them happening in the mid-season time-frame. I’m sad to see Michael McElhatton go, and Elizabeth Webster did a fine job as Walda. Did little Baby Bolton even get a name?

I’m here for Jaime playing Dad to Tommen and Cersei playing crafty-manipulative Mom. That little FrankenGregor-on-gross-peasant action is something we all wish we could do to obnoxious Internet commenters. Notice how it was the Lannister soldiers who kept Cersei from leaving the castle, and she used FrankenGregor to intimidate them. For now, the jury’s out on just how the twins will work together leading up to Jaime’s departure to the Riverlands, but some ominous shit is already happening. See my bit at FanSided for details.

I like the way Brienne handled Sansa in that conversation over Arya, but they didn’t bring up Sandor. I was hoping we’d get Sansa’s reaction to the fight with the Hound, and I don’t know if Brienne will disclose that much later in the season. I was also hoping for Theon to spend a bit more time with the squad, but that is not to be. Sansa will be safe with Bri & Pod, and Theon needs to go back to Yara.

Also, too, I got a Like from Gwendoline Christie for this:

It’s the little things that brighten up my day.

There’s Euron Greyjoy, and there goes Balon. Gotta admit, the Greyjoy uncles left me cold in the books, but Euron on screen is pretty fierce.

There’s Melisandre at her lowest point, and there’s Davos reduced to begging for her help, and OH, LOOK, THERE’S JON. HI THERE, JON. GHOST IS HAPPY TO SEE YOU. I was assuming mid-season for that event, too, but okay, this season is moving quickly!

Now I suspect the cast members will be really really happy to have people stop asking them about Jon. Such as:

I was wondering what those “answers” might be but I THINK I GET IT NOW.

Seriously, though, I was prepared for a lot of these events because I saw spoilers for the episode, but I was skeptical of the spoilers. They turned out to be mostly accurate. Next time someone offers up SPOILERS for a coming episode, I will steer clear.

So far this season, we have not seen Bronn, Uncle Kevan, Lancel, Littlefinger, Sam & Gilly, the Tyrells except for Margaery, or anyone from the Vale or Riverlands. We’ll be getting Sam & Gilly next week, and Loras isn’t going anywhere, but I’m sure hoping we check in with Littlefinger next week. Where the Seven Hells did he fly off to?

In the preview for next week, Cersei says: “If someone is planning to make our losses their gains, I want to hear it.” I’m trying to think of what she’s talking about? Is she hearing about Brynden Tully retaking Riverrun from the Freys? Or is this another suicide mission on the Tyrells?

Based on this ep, I think we can guesstimate some outcomes in the books:

  1. The Boltons are fucked.
  2. Of course Jon Snow is coming back.