Well, THAT happened.

Fellow Throners: one of the items on my Death List came true tonight, though I’m frankly shocked it happened so early in the season. Yikes. 

Oh, and that other thing that everyone’s been waiting for? That also happened. THAT escalated quickly.

Look for a new post of mine on FanSided. Though not about the deaths, or the other thing. I did a post on the Lannisters.

4 thoughts on “Well, THAT happened.

      • Balon’s death. In the books, it was the key for the Ironborn failure in the North. He should have died before Robb. Robb was so energized going to the wedding with the news of Balon’s death, he’d worked out exactly what to do.

        Then… ugh. The wedding…

        So I’ve been waiting and waiting, irritated that Robb went before Balon.

        • Gotcha. It’s one of those structural inconsistencies that come from streamlining the source material. I really enjoyed Euron’s first appearance.

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