In which I say a little bit about Dorne

As I said earlier, I saw the spoilers. So I knew what to expect, in terms of events, going into the new episode.

That was how I knew Doran and Trystane were killed in this episode, and it was a ridiculous nonsensical mess. I somehow thought the Dorne scenes would be just absurd enough to let me draw some conclusions about what the writers are trying to accomplish, but the problem is, I still don’t even have that much information.

Anyway: on my new slide show at FanSided includes a death prediction for Trystane, whom I thought would be killed mid-season with Cersei as the responsible party. If you’ve seen the new episode, you now see he died tonight, with his cousins Obara and Nymeria as the killers. If that sounds like a hot dripping mess in terms of storytelling, I assure you it’s not even thorough enough for that.

Based on that sequence of events, what I’d like to think now is…

…no, actually, before we get that far, what I want to suggest first is that perhaps the best way to enjoy the new season is to adjust our expectations accordingly. Plenty of cool shit happening? Absolutely. Emotionally powerful, vulnerable character development? Yes, in some places, we’re still getting that. Coherent storytelling? Nope, no promises of that.

As far as the Martells go, based on what D&D gave us tonight, I’d like to think this is their way of saying they’ve completely given up on doing anything good with Dorne. They’re done. They know they made a dog’s breakfast of the Dornish plot, so they stuffed the remainder into a cannon and shot it into space. Cut their losses and didn’t even devote the time to tying up loose ends. It’s just…done.

That’s still probably expecting too much, though? It would be so nice if we just didn’t get any more of the Sand Snakes for the rest of the season, but we probably will see more of them, and I’m sure it won’t make any more sense than what happened tonight.

Seriously, though, right now it seems like they don’t even care about the Dornish plot anymore. So if there’s any good news there, it’s most likely that we won’t see much more of the Sand Snakes after tonight.