I’d much rather talk about Team Sansa, though.

Okay! Since I’m still awake, let’s see how much more I can say about Season 6 before I fall over!

There were some cliffhangers last season, yes? Lots of questions in need of answers.

One of the questions I kept bringing up was: What happened to Podrick Payne and that axe while Brienne was interrogating Stannis?

Well. The episode didn’t exactly address the fact that Podrick was nowhere to be seen while Brienne was checking Stannis off her list, and it didn’t show him wielding Lord Tyrion’s double-sided axe.

But just in case we’d wondered whether Brienne was actually training Podrick in horsemanship and combat, you’d better believe he’s a fighter now.


They’re not cuddling.

Is he a fighter up to Brienne’s standard? No, that’ll be a while yet. But he’s much improved at staying on his horse, and he can swing that sword, by gum. The difference is already like night and day.

The question of “how do Sansa & Theon get the fuck away from the Boltons in one piece” is now safely answered, with Brienne having made her oath of service to Sansa (!!!), who has accepted her protection(!!!!!). Gwen’s performance in this scene is fucking amazing.


“Now that I’ve saved your life, will you please accept my apology?”

Seriously, though, we don’t yet know whether Brienne will confess to that “going after Stannis” biz, but from the Next Episode teaser, we do have an answer to another question:

Next episode, they’re gonna talk about Arya.

Oh yes. Oh fucking yes.

They didn’t make it clear whether Sansa recognizes Podrick as Tyrion’s squire, but he DOES coach her through accepting Brienne’s oath. If that sounds beautiful and perfect, that’s because it is.

We don’t yet have Brienne’s position on Theon. But he’s the one who gently prompts Sansa to accept Brienne’s protection, so, I think she’ll agree to keep him with the group for a little while.

But seriously, we know this group will be in Episode 2, and we know they’ll be talking about Arya. That escalated quickly.