But here’s something nice to cheer you up.

Nikolaj did a very nice Q&A sesshion today with #AskGOT from Twitter HQ. (And I just love that he’s rocking that beard.) I took the liberty of Retweeting some of my favorites. Here, I think my fellow J/B enthusiasts will enjoy these.

(He likes Arya & the Hound!)

He wants Jaime to spend more time with Brienne AND he wants the Lannister sibs to get back together.

ITA, Nik. Right there with ya.

…in which Nik says a little bit about Conleth Hill and then has a lot to say about Gwen’s gigantic laugh.

“Consider your relationship with your sister.” Yes. I think he will.

This session is giving him lots of chances to draw attention to the Jaime/Brienne storyline. He seems to be enjoying it.

He wants Jaime to die of old age, and I have the audacity to think he’ll get his wish.

That’s the line that defines him.

Everything about his answer is perfect and beautiful.