I doubt this will derail the Hype Train

While I’m stuck on hold with Verizon tech support, I might as well do a little thinking aloud, so here’s another bit of last-minute casting news for GoT S6: remember that “sly hapless son of a cruel father” we heard about last year? Last night, we found out what we’re pretty sure is that hapless sly son.

Spoiler alert:

It’s a recast of someone we’ve seen before.

Assuming this is the same guy, those of us who suspected Sly Hapless Son was a Frey were right. It’s a recast of Lothar Frey, last seen stabbing Talisa Stark in her tummy.

Ani Bundel at Winter is Coming says:

We’d assumed that this part was for Merrett Frey, a character we haven’t seen on the show yet, but who appears in the books. In A Storm of Swords, he runs into Lady Stoneheart and dies, and members of the Lady Stoneheart Truther Movement™ hoped his presence meant we would finally see her onscreen.

It’s not Merrett Frey.

I had assumed it would be a totally new character, not Lothar, and not Merrett either. The casting call described someone much more interesting than Merrett.

On the one hand, the casting call for this hapless Frey son was used as part of the body of evidence in favor of Lady Stoneheart showing up in Season 6.

On the other hand, I don’t think this is going to weaken anyone’s case for LSH, because it should not have been used as evidence for her in the first place. The character sounded like he would be a much more interesting presence on the show than just Undead Catelyn Stark’s first victim.

Basically, I think people thought this character would be Merrett Frey because they wanted to see someone get hanged by Undead Catelyn Stark.

Of course, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Lothar will get hanged or otherwise killed by the outlaw band.