We’re still not finished getting filming leaks.

Sue at Watchers tells us she can now confirm someone else we last saw in Season 3 is coming back for Season 6. I am not surprised. News under the jump:

Paul Kaye, who played Thoros of Myr with the Brotherhood Without Banners, is coming back. Since we’re getting back to the Riverlands, and we appear to be getting a more-violent iteration of the Brotherhood, I am not surprised. Since we’re due for another resurrection this season, I am further unsurprised.

As for what we’ve heard about Kaye’s colorful character Thoros- last fall, we did hear from one anonymous source that Kaye had been filming. We also heard from another source that Kaye had been involved in some sort of hanging scene. We haven’t heard any more details about Stoneheart, so it’s not clear what the circumstances of the scenes are that Kaye is involved in. You may recall from the season six casting call, there are new outlaw characters in play, and it’s possible that Thoros might be connected to them.

I can see why LSH fans would get excited about this. The hype train is running.

I’ve been thinking for months that the show will do some version of the Lady Stoneheart storyline, but they’ll have some other character in the Stoneheart role. Uncle Brynden is my first candidate, but I’m open to other ideas.

There’s still no sign of Michelle Fairley.