“Show them what Lannisters are.”

I keep talking about how if I don’t turn out to be seriously wrong about anything in Season 6, I may behave like such a gaping asshole no one will want to deal with me, and I’ll be so pleased with myself I won’t even care.

One area where I sort of wonder is the middle-stage for the Lannister twins. Going by what we’re hearing from Nikolaj and Lena in interviews, and what we’ve seen in the promotional materials, it looks like I misjudged the process for the twins’ next stages, but somehow got the right conclusion. Like, I correctly guessed that Jaime would end up leaving King’s Landing to go up to the Riverlands, and up there, he’d reconnect with Brienne. Although even I didn’t picture anything so perfect as Brienne and Podrick actually showing up at Riverrun!


(At the time of making these predictions, I was working with extremely limited information. I didn’t yet know Brienne and Podrick would be separated from Sansa by that point, or anything about that Ep6 scene at the Sept of Baelor. I basically didn’t know anything about anything except for what happened in Season 5. Yet somehow I figured out this much: Riverlands. New encounter with Brienne.)

Anyway. Based on what HBO has shown us in the trailers, and Nikolaj’s and Lena’s answers in interviews, my predictions for the twins’ middle stage were inaccurate in the following ways: a) Cersei has a lot more power, b) she and Jaime stay closer to each other, c) there’s no controversy over Lancel, d) no fighting over Tommen, e) no answering to Uncle Kevan. Mostly, it’s just that Cersei is still in power and she maintains a closer relationship with Jaime.

So…it’s totally possible that I managed a good prediction for the conclusion, despite being way off with the process.


At the same time, there’s still a lot of development we’re not supposed to have at this point. Which is not to say I must have been right after all, just to say, so far nobody has acknowledged that Cersei is, in fact, on trial for her life. Maybe the trial will take place early-season, and Cersei will win? Maybe. But I’d like to hear some mention of the fact that a trial is happening. No one has said anything about the little matter of Cersei having fucked Lancel. We’ve seen from the first trailer that Lancel is still present (though I’m not optimistic for his survival), but so far everyone’s acting like Cersei having confessed to having an affair with her teenage cousin is no longer anyone’s concern. There’s no sign of Uncle Kevan in any of the promotional materials so far. Last we saw of the Red Keep, Uncle Kevan was there, and he was in the position of Hand of the King. That should mean something. I don’t expect Uncle Kevan to survive the season, either, but he should be there at the beginning.

There’s no sign of Bronn in any promotional materials (except his arm around Podrick’s neck, but we’re not expected to know that’s him), but of course Bronn will be present. There’s no sign of Trystane Martell, and maybe he’ll be among the body count, but he should be doing stuff and interacting with people in the Red Keep for at least part of the season. So far, we see Cersei, Jaime, Tommen, FrankenGregor, Lancel having a death wish, and a teeny bit of Qyburn, but that’s not a complete picture.

It’s weird that we’re expected to believe there won’t be any more discussion of Cersei’s affair with Lancel, or that Cersei’s trial isn’t happening, or that her Walk of Shame wasn’t correlated with a major compromise to her position on the Small Council. Like; does Jaime come back and not notice his sister having that bizarrely short haircut? Does someone fob him off with an explanation of her Walk of Shame that doesn’t mention anything about her having cheated on him while he was held captive by the Starks? Does Jaime really go half a season or more without finding out his sister fucked someone else outside of her marriage?

One thing we have gathered from the trailers, though, and that we got in much more detail through filming leaks, is that one scene at the Sept, in which Jaime shows up with Mace Tyrell and a host of Tyrell soldiers to spring Margaery from her cell. I’m trying to picture a way for Jaime to have that collaboration with the Tyrells, and make that effort to free Margaery after Cersei went to such trouble to get her locked up, without showing a giant middle finger to Cersei. Even if that’s not his intention, that’s what she’ll see.

I think it would be really, really funny if Cersei tells her brother to, “Stand at the head of our army where you belong. Show them what Lannisters are. What we do to our enemies,” thinking he’ll take a bunch of Lannister soldiers to fuck the Faith Militant’s shit up, and instead he buddies up with the Tyrells to storm the Sept and liberate the young queen.

Well. No matter what the process is: just 8 days to go!