Let’s have some clarification on Jaime & Cersei

I may be a teensy bit embarrassed that I’m still up and working on this, but, as long as we’re up, I think I’ll put some of the Twincest hype into context.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau answered some questions for a reporter from Access Hollywood last night at the premiere, in a video which is linked here but which I don’t think they’ll let us embed:

I’ll focus on the part about Jaime telling Cersei they’ll take back everything that’s been taken from them. Transcript:

Reporter: “So tell us how Jaime’s gonna begin the season, and are you, obviously, you know, Cersei’s been through quite a bit, that’s gotta be hurting him when he sees her again.”
NCW: “Yeah. And it’s gonna get worse when he comes back, because he promised to bring the daughter and now, she’s dead, and you don’t wanna bring a mother her dead child. That’s not a good…what do you say, so he has to deal with that, of course, then, everything changed while he was gone. The whole religious uprising, with the Faith Militant, the High Sparrow…it’s a mess.”
Reporter: “You have a great line in the trailer about how, ‘We’re gonna get it all back.’ Do you think Jaime and Cersei are strong enough to do that, as Lannisters?”
NCW: “I think he, you know, he will say anything to make her happy, you know, I think it’s one of those situations where…it’s tricky, but, you know, but you have to watch the show for that particular scene, is, uh, it’s kind of, you know, someone who is really broken down, you want to say whatever you think will make them happy.”

So…when Jaime says that part with, “We’re the only ones that matter, and everything they’ve taken from us, we’ll get back,” he’s not really thinking of going on a Campaign of Lannister Vengeance, or teaming up with Cersei to fuck everyone’s shit up. He’s just saying whatever it takes, in that moment, to keep Cersei from falling apart at the loss of her daughter. That’s where he’s coming from in that conversation. He’s telling her what she wants to hear, just for that moment.

The scene appears to be starting with this exchange here, that we just got tonight from HBO:

And that’s what leads into the part where Jaime’s telling her they’re the only ones who matter.


Including this moment here:


So now we have some context for how the show is drawing out the Twincest.