Start thinking of humiliating Twitter names…NOW.

All my Throner peeps: I have entered into a friendly Twitter bet with a certain Brynden BFish of Wars and Politics of ASOIAF fame, concerning the likelihood of Lady Stoneheart making an appearance in Season 6. If she does show up, he gets to choose my Twitter name for a week. If she doesn’t, I choose a Twitter name for him.

So, everyone who’s been reading my anti-LSH snark and rubbing your hands together in glee at the prospect of my humiliation: start thinking of ridiculous Twitter names for me, and go consult with BFish when the time comes. I’m depending on y’all to ring that SHAME bell on me.

Now, at the same time, BFish is also involved in a similar bet with Manu concerning Cleganebowl, so I wonder what happens if I’m right about LSH and Manu is right about Cleganebowl. Of course, I’m in agreement with BFish about Cleganebowl, so if he loses that bet, then I’m also wrong, so I guess Manu chooses his Twitter name before I do.

If we get LSH and also Cleganebowl, I think I should shave my head and post a video on YouTube. That level of wrongness calls for hardcore humiliation.

And if I’m wrong about Brienne becoming Sansa’s protector (I still maintain a tiny margin of possibility that they get super close to each other for a scene at the beginning and it still doesn’t happen), then I think the pain of being wrong about that is consequence enough.

Either way, y’all should be hoping I end up being totally wrong about something big in Season 6, because if we get through an entire season of me being correct in essentials…I’m gonna be such an asshole. Nobody will enjoy being around me, and I won’t even care.