Sort of wondering to what extent the rumors are true.

Yeah, I’m still talking GoT. It happens. I should be working on my novel at the moment, but no, I’ve been reading interviews and articles about my favorite show all day and I want to talk about something.

There’s a new slideshow at FanSided today, in which Corey Smith gives us 30 biggest Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers, and of course part of that is speculation. Which is fine. Talking about filming leaks without padding them out with a bit of conjecture makes for very tedious reading.

The one that I’ve linked above concerns—this will surprise no one—the Jaime/Brienne reunion we’re expecting at Riverrun, and it seems Corey is a J/B enthusiast though not a protection-assignment advocate like me, and he makes the following suggestions about their scene in the tent:

Despite Jamie longingly looking at the island of Tarth as it slowly passed him by on this way to Dorne in Season 5, their reunion does not end well, according to an on-set source. It’s possible that Brienne is upset that Jamie has gone back to fighting the Tullys, but also just as likely that Jamie will be upset with Brienne for failing to protect either Stark daughter after managing to locate both of them.

Either way, the short lived meeting ends with Brienne storming out, Podrick in tow, and Brienne attempting to join up with the Tullys inside Riverrun. Whether or not she is successful in offering her sword is unknown.

I’ve been wondering about the on-set report we got for this particular bit of news, and I actually have more uncertainty about this report than most of the ones we got from Watchers and Winter. It would not surprise me at all to find out that some things we heard about the J/B reunion turned out to be exaggerated, distorted, or entirely fabricated. I do think Brienne will show up at Riverrun! This is a good time for Jaime and Brienne to reconnect, and Riverrun is as good a place as any. But I’m really scratching my head at that idea of Bronn sneaking up and play-attacking Podrick from behind; it sounds funny, but Bronn should know better than that. And I think it would be so, so amusing and not terribly surprising if that “Brienne storms out of the tent” bit turns out to be more like “Brienne solemnly marches out of the tent and goes to find her squire.” Like, she’s not exactly skipping with glee, but she isn’t as angry as we’ve been led to believe.


But anyway, let’s assume she really does storm out of the tent in a foul mood. And for the moment, I will assume that she never manages to connect with Sansa, so the protection assignment is a bust. If she heads for the Riverlands without first making sure Sansa is okay with some other companions, that demands an explanation, but I will trust D&D to show me a good explanation. Sure, let’s assume the protection assignment never worked out, and the tent-sharing scene ends as badly as we’ve been told it does.

Now the question is: why does she storm out of the tent? Corey suggests two possibilities: a) Brienne is angry at Jaime for taking up arms against the Tullys, or b) Jaime is angry at Brienne for having failed to look after the Stark girls.

And this is where disagreement can be productive. Now that I think about it, I actually do not believe Jaime would be angry at Brienne for having fucked up with the protection assignment. I think he’s the one who’d be most understanding about her missing the candle. He’s the one who gave the speech back in Season 2: “So many vows. They make you swear and swear… It’s too much.” Jaime, of all people, would understand the predicament of having taken too many vows, and having a conflict between commitments. I don’t think he’d be angry at her.

Furthermore, Jaime has also recently experienced a failure concerning a mission to rescue a girl from danger. He was supposed to bring Myrcella home alive, and…she’s dead. We could argue that Brienne should have known better than to go after Stannis, whereas Jaime did everything he could to show up for Myrcella, but on balance, I think Jaime would be sympathetic.

Also, we don’t really know that Brienne is attempting to join up with the Tullys. We know she has a scene with the Blackfish, but I have some ideas of what that interaction could involve, without Brienne offering her sword to the Tullys. It’s possible that she offers them her sword! But I’m not aware of having heard that much information. She meets with Uncle Brynden at some point. That’s what we’ve heard so far.

Anyway, assuming there was no exaggeration in the report of Brienne storming out of the tent, I think the reason is that Jaime has done something to piss her off. It’s possible that she’s done something, since Season 6 began, that Jaime doesn’t like, but I can think of some reasons why Brienne would get angry enough at Jaime to end the conversation on a sour note. That she’s angry at him for besieging Riverrun is a possible explanation, but not the only one.

That they go yet another season without confessing their feelings to each other is, I say again, a sign of them living longer. If they go too far together with two whole seasons to go, that probably means one of them is going to die, or their relationship does not have staying power. I think they’re an end-game couple.

Also: please spell Jaime’s name correctly. Misspelling a character name makes it look like you aren’t really a fan of the show. It’s only five letters.

I’ve submitted a similar slideshow for FanSided, which should go live within the next 2-3 days. Keep an eye out for it.